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During my time working with children and young people for over three decades, I have developed an innovative philosophy that maximizes the development of children within PE and Sport in primary schools.

At the core of this ever-evolving philosophy, are the psychological, social and emotional considerations of a child’s mind, and its development from four to eleven years old.

When a child’s mindset to learning is enhanced by this philosophy, an ‘escalation of learning’ occurs. The increased intent to learn, understanding of how to learn more efficiently, and desire to exceed expectations, maximises the benefits of PE and Sport more than any other approach. ‘I love the way that you coach us, because we push our limits’ – Y6 child (unprompted).

The outcome is the production of children with improved cognition, transferable skills and a greater understanding of themselves, with a confidence in their physical abilities and sports in general.


A culture is created that prepares the children to learn and gives them the desire to do so. Through our breakdown of objectives into small and achievable targets, the young players develop immediately and witness their progression through the levels.

We use a blend of traditional and non-traditional pedagogical approaches to create a truly player-centred environment.

Although the theory is complex, the delivery of it to children is simple and transparent, also robust, adaptable and reactive.

Our delivery is totally needs-led, as we reverse engineer our planning, starting with the learning objectives, and then sessions are fluid to follow the learning as it happens in front of us.

Enjoyment levels are high and deep, as children experience their development and mastery of skills and awarenesses involved in PE and Sport.


The philosophy and methodology of our provision is suitable for wide and varied uses and its impact for children, teachers and whole school is highly visible and tangible.

It suits not just PE and Sport but is an excellent foundation for early intervention work, both 1-2-1 and in small groups. Half or whole class enrichment sessions are also maximised through our beliefs and approach.

Explicit delivery of social-emotional learning improves behaviour; and increases self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness and responsible decision making.

The psychology-first approach changes the child’s perception and approach to all learning and transfers positively back into the classroom and around the school. It also allows for the easy embedding of Maths and English.


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